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The Data Warehouse uses Django Auth Module with Users, Groups and Permissions to limit access.

All the read operations (GET Requests) are allowed without authentication. Write permissions (POST, PUT and DELETE) require specific permissions.

To read more about how Django's permissions work, check the Auth Module documentation.

Creating an Account

Accounts are currently managed by us. If you want an account, you need to ask for one on the #team-kernel-cki Slack channel.

CKI Team

The Data Warehouse contains a Group called 'CKI Team' which has all the write permissions necessary. When granting access to users, adding them to the 'CKI Team' is the recommended way to proceed.

Consuming the API

API Endpoints are also managed with this configuration. GET requests work unauthenticated, but you need to authenticate to do POST, DELETE, and other types of requests. See API auth documentation for more information.

Requesting API tokens

To request an API Token, please ask on the #team-kernel-cki Slack channel.

Then, anyone that has admin permissions (that means both the is_superuser and the is_staff flags set in the user record in the auth_user table) can go to the Django admin interface and create one for you by going to the "Tokens" collection under "Auth token" and clicking on "Add token" on the top right.